F-16 Fighting Falcon Screensaver

F-16 Fighting Falcon Screensaver

Free screensaver of the F-16 Fighting Falcon multi role jet fighter aircraft

One of the images that starts a feeling deep inside you as soon as you see it is that of an airborne F-16 Fighter Plane. Those majestic "birds" soaring across the sky for any of a thousand different reasons.

F-16 Fighting Falcon Screensaver will display the magnificent F-16 right on your screen.

F-16 Fighters have been considered by many as a symbol of the aerial supremacy of the U.S. Others considered it as a triumph of man's mind having developed such an excellent vehicle.

What almost everybody knows is that they have been present in many of the important moments of our lives and of history.

However, technology evolves so fast that nowadays they have been replaced almost completely.

F-16 Fighting Falcon Screensaver will display 35 high quality images of different angles and actions of these famous Fighter Planes. You will be able to see F-16s during a routine flight, as they land or take off, in some dangerous maneuver, and even a fully armed plane complete with missiles that you might not even know.

If you are fond of flying, and especially of this kind of flying, then this screensaver will surely keep your spirits up any time you want.

Fernando Soni
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  • Interesting
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  • It can be boring after a while
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